Monday, March 28, 2011


Women are a little bit crazy. Since I am a woman I feel that it is okay for me to say that. I feel sorry for men in general, but more particularly my husband who has to put up with things like me crying during "Racing Stripes" (I don't want to talk about it) or getting offended when he brings me ice cream in the small bowl, because clearly he thinks I'm fat. (Wow, talk about run on!) The point of this post however is not about women, but my sweet husband. He is my rock, and I'm crazy about him. He's both patient and understands and accepts that women are a little nuts-he's perfect! It's been six years (and 5months, 22 days) since we've been married, and we still kinda like each other. Life is good. The "funny" thing is after we got married I was happier than I have ever been in my entire life. It freaked me out the first few years, because I honestly didn't think people were supposed to be so happy. No joke. One day I finally realized that God doesn't want us to be miserable people. What a burden lifted! We've been through a lot together, but he's always been there for me, and the joy has never left.
We got married at 19, and while I don't advocate everyone getting married as teenagers, I also don't believe the whole thing about needing to know who you are before saying "I do." You obviously have to know some things about yourself, but the person I was six years ago and the person I am today are lightyears apart. Instead of doing it alone I have had a buddy alongside me the whole way.

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