Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sam will be five next month, so that means kindergarten this fall! It took some time to make a decision on what to do, but I think we came to the perfect solution. Private Christian school would be my first choice, but it's pricey and I just can't fathom spending several thousand dollars on kindergarten. So that option was out. I'm not thrilled about public schools either, especially the one that's in our district. Homeschooling is fine, but I'm not always organized and it can be easy to fall behind.
The perfect solution (at least in theory, since we haven't actually experienced it yet):


Sam will be doing all his school work at home (with me as the teacher) but he will technically be in public school. I have to log everything he does each day which will keep me on track. A nice bonus is that they provide all materials, including his computer! My only question is, how did my little guy grow up so quick??

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