Friday, April 22, 2011

Puppy dog tails

The end of an era is over. Luigi is no longer.  I realized Wednesday that Sam hasn't signed his name as "Luigi" in a couple weeks. Mario is still Sam's invisible partner in crime, but for the most part that is the last bit that Sam has held on to. I know that it was cute, but I honestly can't say that I'm sad to see Luigi go.

I know that I am biased, but Sam is one of those little boys that is fun to be around. He's got everything that makes little boys so much fun, but he's pretty calm and able to sit still.  One thing that's pretty funny about Sam, is that he goes "to work" every day. He'll put his little soldier uniform on and run off to fight the bad guys in our backyard (with Mario).  Every once in a while he has a day off, but he's pretty dedicated to his job.

Sam's uniform from two Christmas' ago

I was certain that Sam would want a Mario Cart birthday, but he's settled on a puppy party instead. Sam and his puppies...he learned how to spell Rinderknecht in a week just so he could get a new one! He  used to pray and ask God to turn his pups into real dogs, but I think I convinced him that they are better off stuffed. ;) Besides his puppies, Sam also loves hats. He always wears one and he's really touchy about other kids messing with them. I've had to dry some pretty hysterical tears when his hat got thrown in the mud once.

And finally, just because I think it's so cute-Augusta's home town hockey team made it to the finals in the playoffs. The Riverhawks lost, but I thought it would be a cool picture to have the other team with the trophy in the back. It wasn't till we were driving home that we realized how upset Sam was that they had lost, so looking back at the pictures I made him pose for is kind of funny. I just thought he was really tired when I took them, but he was just depressed.

So that's it! That's our family!

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