Thursday, May 5, 2011


The kids and I leave tomorrow for Colorado leaving Joel to fend for himself. I take care of all the cooking in the house, so I worry he might starve without me...or at least live off Ramen for two weeks. Since I love him, I spent yesterday morning cooking up a bunch of meals for him, so he'll at least have some home cooked food. I (half) joked with him that it's a good thing I know he appreciates me or he'd be on his own. ;)
Another Better Homes & Garden idea: write everything on a board and erase as food is eaten.

Here are the quantities I used (which was enough for about 7-8 medium sized tortillas), but you can definitely adjust anything to your taste preference/size needed.

*7 eggs, scrambled
*about 1/2 package tater tots, cooked according to package, then tear apart   each tot
*1/2 roll of sausage, crumbled and cooked
*1/2 cup salsa
*flour tortillas
*cheddar cheese
*salt and pepper

Basically, cook everything separately, then mix together. Put desired amount on tortilla, roll up, and enjoy!

I wrap each burrito in aluminum foil and store them all in the tortilla bag to keep them
together in the freezer

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