Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby owls and laundry rooms

 Etsy.com is one of my favorite internet spots for boring nights. I love looking through it! I found a seller that makes the cutest felt owls, but as her prices are between $75-$100, which is definitely not in the budget. I'm not sure if there is some sort of code that says crafting plagiarism is wrong, but if there is I am guilty of it. I made our little family for Allie's room, and then I was sad that I was done, so I've started making them for friends now. (So friends beware, there is a chance one could be headed your way).
Here are a few door hangers I made for a good friend that's moving away:
For her daughter

Her little boy (Sam's best friend) is crazy about Mario, so I tried to make him a Mario owl.

I think the only other project I've done that has made me as happy were the curtains for Allie's room. I bought cheap white curtains at Walmart ($15 for two panels) then embellished them.

Whatever craftiness I may posses, I definitely did not inherit any drawing skills. It's kind of annoying because I would love to add something to a wall on my laundry room, but my paper sketches were so bad that Sam was like "what is that?"

This is the wall I'd like to add something to, but will probably remain with my Monet. I know wall decals can be bought fairly cheap, but I was hoping for free!
This is the first one I tried, and after it was a definite flop I tried a few simpler designs, but I failed at them all. Ah well....

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