Friday, May 20, 2011

Home sweet home!

Phew! We made it home! At this moment, I am fairly certain that I never want to step foot in an airport again. At least not with Annaleigh. The trip was definitely worth it though, and we all had a blast, we're just done traveling for the time being.
On the 6th, the kids and I left for Colorado (flew from Augusta-Atlanta-Denver, drove from Denver-Colo. Springs). The longest flight was 3 hours and Annaleigh literally fell asleep as the pilot announced the descent into Denver, so she slept for a whole ten-fifteen minutes of that ride. So airport to my parents house was about 8 hours total. Not too bad.
The very next morning, my sister (Hannah), Annaleigh, and I left at 4am to drive six hours to The-Middle-of -Nowhere Kansas, to watch my little brother's band preform. He did a really good job, and my sis and I had a lot of time for catching up, so besides a speeding ticket and a little sleep deprivation, it was a great time. The next day we drove back was a lot of traveling in three days.
The trip home was a lot longer (about 12 hours) since the Denver airport took a whole lot longer to get through than Augusta's little one. Thankfully Allie slept for two hours on one flight and then a lovely grandpa played with her for the entirety of the second flight.
I'll have to write about the trip a little more another day, but for now I have to figure out what to do with the tons of toys that came home with us!

A rest stop in Kansas

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