Saturday, May 28, 2011

Puppy cake, how to.

If anyone cares, here's a little "how to" guide for a very simple dog cake. First, I looked around online until I found something that I liked, then used that image as a guide.

really wanted to attempt this cake (from, but since Sam came down with the flu, I wasn't able to go out and get the pans needed. It's probably a good thing anyways, cause this would have taken a whole lot longer:

Anyways, after looking through pictures, I figured out what I wanted and then used my pans to come up with a plan. It's a lot easier when you know what you're doing before you start to do it!
So this is what I came up with, although I ended up using a smaller round pan for the could leave out the nose pan all together if you like:

And then the real thing:
For the ears, I simply made a small round cake (using the small pan from above) then cut it in half. The paws are cupcakes, and the nose here is a single serving pan I had lying around.

After that I crumb coated the cake. You could definitley stop here and add the facial features and it would be cute. I was going to use two opened oreos for the eyes with an m&m pupil and a closed oreo for a nose, but I wasn't able to get to the store so I had to improvise with what I had. You could also pipe them on.

Finally, I piped on stars for added texture then used licorice for the nose and mouth. I piped on the eyes, which personally, I think I did a rather poor job at, but I didn't care enough to fix it...

And really quick, here are some dog cupcakes for a little party Sam will be having at the park with a friend. Basically, I quickly iced the cupcakes, added a slice of a Little Debbie (half a marshmallow would have been much better, but again I had to improvise). After icing over the Debbie, I set them in the fridge for about thirty minutes to harden. Then I iced them again, this time thick enough to cover everything and used string licorice for the mouth and mini m&m's for the nose and eyes (which also look a wreck). The ears on the white dog is a mini marshmallow cut in half, and the other ears are chocolate pieces chopped up. Rolled out tootsie rolls would have been awesome for the ears.

I got the idea for these from the book "Hello Cupcake"


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