Friday, June 10, 2011

Barney and blessings

So glad it's Friday! What a week. Since we've been back from Colorado, Sam has been sick three seperate times. It's like he gets better just so he can get sick again. I think today I picked up whatever it was he had last time, which means Barney has been keeping my kids company today. ;) Oh how Allie loves that Barney!
With all the sickness and heat, we've been stuck inside the house and it's led to a general feeling of grumpiness all around-especially me! I have had such a grumpy and complaining heart all week! It was more than just being tired or overwhelmed or needing a little break, but a bad attitude. I love being a stay at home mom, I truly do, but this was one of those weeks that made me want a vacation. From the kids. I find it hard to admit this, because I'm not complaining about a bad boss or an annoying coworker, but my own little darlings. I've been praying and praying for a change of heart, and one thing that always helps me is that when I have something to whine about, I find a blessing in it. All that laundry? Thank you God we have clothes to wear! Awful allergies? Thank you God we have medicine to help! Dishes again? We have food to eat! It always helps put things in prespective.
I know I have so much to be thankful for, and I know that I have been so blessed by God, but I also know that if I don't guard my heart it is easy to take those things for granted.I also am reminded of Martha. She was so overwhelmed by what she had to do that she took up a heart of complaint rather than surrendering all to Jesus.
So here's to a week of Mary-ness!


  1. you are not alone bethany, lately i have definitely been way stressed and grumpy too :( hopefully we'll pull it together starting this weekend :)

  2. Ok. Let's do it! :) Sam's sick again! Throwing up this morning...


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