Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big Apple

Vacation Bible School starts tomorrow! I am so excited. I love VBS, and this year is extra special, because it's Sam's first year! I'm a co-leader for the K5 group, and we have 28 (!!) in our class this year. I will be sure to bring extra Tylenol with me. Our church does an amazing job with VBS. I'll post pictures of our classroom later this week...the theme this year is New York City. It's so cute.
Sam woke up Saturday throwing up AGAIN. I had no clue what was going on with that boy. He's done it three or four times this month-wake up around 6am throwing up and be all better by lunch time. My pastor's wife mentioned to me today that her kids did that when they had bad allergies because of all the mucus draining into their tummies all night. Yuck, but it makes sense, so hopefully Sam's new allergy medicine will help him a little.

Besides the vomit, Saturday was nice. Joel watched the kids and I went out for some retail therapy. He's such a sweetie...I asked him what he wanted for Father's Day, and he told me I should just go shopping and buy myself some clothes. LOL, I kinda wonder if it's because I've been so grouchy this week and he thinks maybe buying clothes will make me less grumpy, but I'm just gonna say it's cause he loves me. ;)

btw, I told him no.


  1. oh no poor guy! and poor mommy too. that is one thing i cannot handle. i feel like i am about to get sick if i hear/ see anything throw up related. i'll be praying! hopefully that medicine will help! :) haha that's really funny & sweet about him telling you to buy clothes! you can buy clothes he might like ;)

  2. Hehe, maybe that's what he had in mind too...
    And thanks for prayers! My mom (a nurse) said it could be some kind of reflux problem too.


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