Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tell the truth

I don't know where it came from, but the past few weeks Sam has been lying like crazy...and he's really good at it (and he knows it's wrong). He'll look me right in the eye and tell me over and over that he's being honest and "he really didn't do it." It's so frustrating. I hate that I can't trust him anymore! I have no clue what to do in the times when I'm pretty sure he's lying about something, but I don't have any proof. I don't want to punish him for something he didn't do, but at the same time if he keeps getting away with stuff I'm afraid it will reinforce this naughtiness. Lately, if I know he did something, I'll ask him about it, to see if he will tell the truth or not. Today, he yelled at Annaleigh (something I probably would have just told him not to do), and when I asked him if he did, he said "no." I told him to think about it, and asked again, and he tells me, "I didn't yell. I'm not lying." After dealing with that incident, his response was, "Well, I didn't know you heard me. "
Sigh. Of course I want the lying to stop, but I don't want it to be because he's afraid of punishment (although I suppose that's better than nothing), but rather because of a change of heart. I'm kind of hoping that it's just a phase he's going through, but sin isn't something that becomes easier to get away from as time goes by...


  1. aw, I'm really not looking forward to that! kaia has started with that a little (thankfully she usually breaks and gives us the real story if we press her for it). maybe try bluffing when you ask him and tell him you know what happened but you want to hear it from him? or god is watching him (kids think twice if they know someone like God or "santa" is watching their every move ;)) haha good luck! let me know if you find something that works so i can use it with kaia when she starts!

  2. I think when Sam was around three the whole lying/joking thing, but he had a hard time seeing the difference between them-it was all kind of the same thing, but he definitley knows what he's doing now. I always tell him that even though I don't know what the truth is, God does and Sam says he knows that. I ended up taking hsi favorite toys away from him yesterday, but he got them back today...and then lied again. Maybe next time I take them, he should get them back when he tells the truth? Blah, I don't know...

  3. she doesn't really "elaborate" or tell stories, she usually only does it when she is in trouble. i'll ask her a general question and she'll say no and then i'll ask her more specifically "did you hurt your sister/ take that from her etc.." and thats when she will be like "yeahhhh" i always make sure she knows it was good to tell the truth but she still has consequences for her actions (she thinks if she tells the truth and knows what she did wrong she wont have to sit in time out). girls are sneaky though so i am not looking forward to the older years... i think if there is maybe another punishment then giving back the toys once he tells the truth is a great idea! otherwise i could see it backfiring and him just telling the truth to get out of his punishment :P

  4. Yeah, I always tell him if he lies he gets in trouble for two things instead of one, but I think he thinks it's worth a shot. Lol, at lunch today he tells me, "I haven't lied today. What do I get?" Hah! I told him he gets the satisfaction of knowing he did the right thing. :P

    And girls are sneaky. I already see it in Allie.


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