Monday, July 4, 2011

All American weekend

Happy Independence Day! This four day weekend has flown by, but it's a fun one. It started out with Joel finally getting promoted to Staff Sergeant. He found out he was being promoted last September, and got his new stripes on Thursday.I brought the kids to the ceremony and they behaved pretty well so it was nice.

Friday, Joel spent the day helping out at the Vetran's Hospital, and then we all went to the fireworks display at Ft. Gordon. I was really suprised by how nice it was, since things on base here are usually overcrowded and underwhelming. It did take an hour to get from the parking lot to the gate, but it was still a lot of fun.

Yesterday we decided to go out and see our little hometown minor league baseball team play and went to a game.
before Sam decided that baseball is boring

We've decided that baseball is not our thing. It started out annoying before anything even happened because the two teams wore almost exactly the same uniforms. It was really hard to tell them apart.  "Our" team was also losing by 7 by the 2nd inning, we had obnoxious teenagers behind us, and it was hot and muggy. We had planned on staying the whole game and watching fireworks at the end, but we decided that since the kids were already whining a lot after three and a half innings to just go. We stopped at Checkers on the way home and all got a 79 cent shake so the kids were happy.

It's kinda hard to tell from this, but they're both wearing green tops and light pants.

And today is the 4th! We plan on grilling some burgers tonight and not much else. We did buy a little pack of fireworks and sparklers. This is our first time ever doing that, so we'll see how that goes!

I like the idea of decorating for each holiday, but I've never been good at doing anything besides Christmas. I did find some cute stuff at Goodwill this year, so I have a little bit of holiday spirit going on in the dining room:

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