Friday, July 8, 2011

Birthday parties and house cleaning

Yesterday was Allie's birthday! Two years old!! Poor Sam was a little disappointed because he has been saying for a while that once she's two she won't be a baby anymore...he thought Allie would be able to do a lot more stuff on her birthday. :) I had a ton of fun with her birthday cake...I wanted to something with Barney (her very favorite) but Barney is not that cute, so I also tried matching it to the decorations. I kinda love it, to be honest. It took awhile, but was actually pretty easy. The green is icing, and the rest is homemade fondant cut out with cookie cutters.

Birthday decorations...haha, I found those flower garlands at the Dollar Tree and used them for her birthday last year, but I loved them so much I saved them to use again this year.

This is a little random, but after all the birthday festivities, my house is kind of a mess and I have zero motivation to do anything about it. So on days like this I use a home cleaning method I learned from my mom years ago while visiting her one summer.
Super easy:
Write all the rooms in your house on strips of paper. Cut up and throw in a cup. Pull out one at a time and whatever you get is the room you clean. For some reason, it always makes cleaning a tiny bit more interesting. :)

I decided to make Sam his own, but just for the bedroom. I usually have to come and tell him every three minutes what to do next, so this worked really well at getting him to clean his room by himself. Of course,  I don't know if it will last...For him, I listed the stuff that usually is all over the place. Here's a few:

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