Friday, July 1, 2011

Date night

Date Night is one of those things that I promised myself that Joel and I would never lose after we had kids. :) I am trying really really hard to remember our last official date night. I know we had a few hours without the kids when he graduated from ALS in April, but besides that...I'm not actually has been a really long time. Maybe September? I must not be remembering right...Okay, so it's been a while, but it can be really hard when you don't have any family nearby. Family is awesome because they are pretty much obligated to watch your kids from time to time. ;) Also friends with kids works nicely since you can swap kids for the evenings. Of course you can always pay a babysitter, but first you have to find someone you trust, and then you have to pay them. For people like Joel and me (we only eat out once a month to save money) that can be painful. Have you seen the rates for babysitters these days??
Fear not, the romance isn't gone in our home. We do At-Home-Date-Night now. We aim for once a week, but more realisticly it's probably every other week. We do family dinner together every night, except date night, where the kids eat dinner early and the grownups eat after they're all tucked away for the night. Depending on how my day went, we either do something really easy or I'll make something fancy. It's fun. As fun as the "real" thing-only a whole lot cheaper!
French bread, Caprese Salad, shrimp cocktail, and tiramisu=fancy date night ;)

And...since tonight is pizza night I used the leftovers from last night to try something new for us:
Caprese Pizza!

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