Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love is in the air...

Ahhhh, young love... So of course you know that my brother-in-law has been staying with us recently, and last Saturday his girlfriend also came to visit. Well, Wednesday he asked her to marry him, so she has moved up from girlfriend status to fiance. They are both young, but they have a strong foundation in Christ and will be just fine. Haha, did I mention that her name is also Bethany? It's kind of funny since I haven't really run into another Bethany since the 6th grade, and now I'll have one as a sister-in-law!

Michael and Bethany's story is similar to Joel and mine, so there's been a lot of nostalgia going through my brain these days...

Joel and I met through mutual friends the first day of college at Pensacola Christian College. A month later, there was a formal concert (it's kind of like a high school dance without the dancing), and I said "yes" to the first guy who asked me because I really didn't want to go by myself. Actually, I really didn't want to go with Jose either, but it was better than going alone. Anyways, Joel had asked one of my friends, so I invited myself and Jose to double date with them. (Very kind of me, I know.) So it was after that night that Joel and I became interested in each other. Poor Joel. He had to work so hard with me. I was the most self-conscious, low self-esteemed person ever....I'm still a little shy but it's nothing like it used to be. There were many a times I just sat there not saying a word.
the day before our wedding

 When he officially asked me to be his girlfriend, I told him he needed to think about it and we'd talk again in the morning. Joel thought I needed to think about it, but the first thing I told him the next day was that I wouldn't be upset if he changed his mind about me. I honestly thought there was nothing worthwhile about myself and he'd realize that over the night! Thankfully he didn't, and on May 7, 2005, Joel proposed to me. That day is definitely in the top 3 best days of my life. Although we had no jobs and Joel didn't even have a drivers licence (exactly where Michael is now) we got married six months later (19 years old!). We were totally poor the first three years, but it was such a fun time (still is!).
Here's to love! ;)


  1. How sweet! We were all so excited when my brother in law finally asked his girlfriend to marry him!

  2. Did you ever get the coupon code to work? Let me know if you didn't and I can just adjust the price for you!


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