Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mud puddles

I found Allie this cute little swimsuit at Target the other day for $3, and she quickly broke it in with a trip to a puddle left by the rain (we did start out in the baby pool). Ahh, to be young! I was tempted to hop in there with her!

I also finally got my Valentine's Day present this week! Joel wanted to get  a new bedset for me (well, that's what I told him to get me ;), but we couldn't find something we both liked (or wanted to pay for). I like the one we have now, but I want to have something else we can switch around with to change things up, but I want it to go with the sheets as well.
This is the set we've had for a few years now.

Anyways, I found this set at TJ Maxx:

I'm still not sure if Joel likes it or not. He's sometimes a little vague with stuff like that, he always says that since I care more, I can decide. (I also think that he kinda likes it since it's the cheapest one I've found at $50) I've never really decided if I'd like him to have more of an opinion or not. On one hand, it's nice getting to do pretty much whatever I want, but on the other, it's his house too, and I want him to like what's in it. Although...Joel has a thing for weapons, so we have a bunch of swords and stuff around the house, and I could definitely live without those beauties...But then again, I hung up Joel's college diploma and several awards he won in the office and he didn't want that (what can I say, I proud!) so I guess it probably ends up even in the long run. Or at least mostly even. I won't let him hang the swords in the dining room...

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