Monday, July 25, 2011

R.I.P driver's side tail light...

Friday, Joel and I went out on a REAL DATE. It was great. We went out for overly large hamburgers for dinner, and then finished up with a movie from the dollar theater. (Joel and I are huge money savers, so going to the "real" theater makes both of us a little sick..the last "real" movie we saw at one was Avatar, and before that the first Transformers.) But we love our $1.99 movies. Maybe having Michael here will be nice. It's like permanent, free babysitting. You know what else I love? The Dollar Tree. It's amazing. You'd be suprised, but you can find some good makeup finds (brands like Maybelline, Almay, and Sally Hansen). They'll have the exact same products there that you find at Walmart or Target for five or six dollars...the products change, but I almost always find something worth buying. (And, I've never found anything wrong with them, like buying expired products.)Not related to makeup, but they even have brand name feta cheese there.
Found this there Friday night:

I was doing more etsy snooping this weekend and I found some really cute hair bow holders, so I tried to create my own version:

kinda crooked...
OH. I forgot the biggest weekend news. Haha. Saturday, Sam and I had a school supply shopping date. We were all excited and ready to go and I backed out of the driveway and right into the mailbox. Took out the tail light. I flipped out. You would have thought I wrecked the car and ran over the dog. What a mess. It took me a full hour to get myself together. I think Joel was so weirded out by how hard I was taking it that he didn't even care about the car. After I pulled myself together, Sam and I went out and had a great time. We were able to find a lot of Super Mario stuff and even a Luigi shirt, so Sam was happy. Haha, when I got home Joel had already ordered a replacement part and it was only $30 including shipping, so I definitley didn't need all the morning's hysterics. Ahh well...


  1. HAHA! I was once in a convenience store parking lot. I back out (quickly) and SLAMMED into one of those bright yellow air compressors. Then sat on the front steps crying waiting for my husband to get home from work!
    And I am a cheapo too! No harm!

  2. i can't even tell the difference between the etsy version and yours! great job! yeah sean and i haven't been to a movie since james bond quantum of solace. that was when kaia was like 3 months old lol... we just wait for it to come out to redbox. can't beat $1 rentals!!

  3. The "worst" part of the car was that Joel as been saying he and I needed to switch our car's spots so I wouldn't hit the mailbox, and I was so offended that he thought he could back out better than me. :P
    Lol, actually Christine, I forgot to add the website I copied, so both those pictures are mine. Here it is, and now you will definitely be able to tell the difference!

  4. oh, and the problem with movies, is that SO many of them are bad and not at all worth the $20 is costs to go to the theater...

  5. yeah we figure it's cheaper to buy the movie too (if we rent it and like it). usually you can get them for 15 dollars on sale when they first come out. you still did a really good job. the only difference was the scalloping. you're quite crafty bethany!


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