Thursday, July 14, 2011

The switch

I got Sam's room all set up today! Annaleigh has been sleeping in a twin bed in her room, but since her bed will be used by someone else for a while, I went ahead and put up Sam's old toddler bed.  I only added a dresser and the bed to the rooom, but everything had to be moved around...there's also a bookshelf and another long dresser in there that isn't pictured.

Sam's room before:

And now:
Even closet space is fine. Thankfully they don't have too much stuff (they do have plenty though).
If you have kids and are able to make changes to your house, I would totally recommend adding a second close rack in the closet. The one above was only $11 at Walmart and because of it Sam can reach his clothes and it adds a lot of storage room (I ♥ toys in labled plastic shoe boxes).

I'm not sure if any of you parents have run into this, but Annaleigh did something so incredibly obnoxious it is actually kind of funny. A week ago I cleaned Sam's fish tank out and that night she dumped half a bottle of fish food into it. I finally got around to cleaning it out  yesterday, and she did exactly the same thing, so I had the pleasure of cleaning it out again today. She's only done this twice, and it's only been right after I've cleaned the thing out.
Thanks Annaleigh!


  1. THAT is exactly why I don't have fish! I always let it get like that, then no one wants to go near it to clean it! lol!

  2. Haha, I haven't decided if they are worth the work or not!


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