Friday, August 12, 2011


Well, it's been a few days now that our house is packed full, but things are going well! To give you an idea of what it's like here- we have a three bedroom house, and fitting ten people isn't the easiest, especially when you throw in a mix of unmarried folks and little children who have early bedtimes. My in-laws are staying in Joel and my room, my sister in-law and future sister in law are in Annaleigh's room. The two brothers are in the living room, and Joel, Sam, Annaleigh, and myself are scrunched up in Sam's room. The best part? Joel and I have been sharing a twin bed. It's...snug. But honestly, I'm loving it all (well, everything besides the achy back).

Totally random, but last night I had a dream about Jonathon Taylor Thomas. I don't at all remember what the dream was about, I just remember waking up, and kinda laughing at my flashback because I had the BIGGEST crush on him back in the good 'ol Home Improvement days. Hahaha, how old was I??? Okay, I googled it, and it looks like the show ran from when I was 7-15, but I know he wasn't in the show the last few years (why'd he have to go to college!?)

I'm really trying to remember, but I think he's the only childhood celebrity crush I had. Haha, oh no! When I was 14 Armageddon came out and I fell in love with both Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler (in an I-want-to-grow-up-and-be-her kinda way). That last scene where Bruce Willis dies still makes me cry!'s so funny, I found my 7th grade yearbook recently and looking through at all the boys I was soooo in love with cracks me up. Oh man, it's going to be crazy when it's  my kids going through that. :P


  1. We've gotta be the same age! I was "in- love" with JTT...and Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ben Affleck and....
    I miss those days!

  2. ahh a twin!? yikes, i remember trying to fit sean and i (and sometimes kaia) in the full bed for a month out in TX and that was pretty bad but a twin... things must be reeeeally cozy lol
    oh man I was totally head over heels for JTT too!!! that was the main reason i watched home improvement :)

  3. I'm 26...I never had a thing for DiCaprio even though all the girls loved him.
    Haha, we actually only have a full size bed now Christine. I joke that it makes us fight less since it's hard to stay angry at someone you have to be right next too. ;) Sean is bigger than Joel though! Last night I even tried the head next to the feet thing, but it wasn't any better!


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