Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dress up

ok, this is quick. We have a wedding this Saturday, and I've been wondering what to dress the kids in (this is only my second wedding I have ever been too and the 1st bringing kids). Anyways,  I remembered that I had an after Christmas sale dress for  Annaleigh tucked away in the closet ($3!). Does her dress look to Christmasy? Is it too much? I kinda figured she's two so she can be as poofy as she'll allow. It also has a little red sweater, but I doubt we'll need it.
  I got the little suit for Sam today for only $14 (haha, plus the fedora from Target) and now I'm kinda shocked at how much we're going to coordinate. :P I also just found out that the wedding colors are black and white with a little red so maybe Joel will match too (he's a groomsman).

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  1. OH! That is the exact dress my daughter wore as the flower girl in my wedding! She was 2, and my husband said he was marrying me AND her, so we got her a pretty "wedding" dress too!


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