Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yesterday, I went grocery shopping at the comissarry and I was a mess. I almost started crying like twenty times because I had to buy stuff for Sam to take to school in his lunch box next week. I'm freaking out a tiny bit that he'll be gone all day. It's funny because I didn't think I'd be this way! I have to go to the school and register him today and Friday there is an open house, so hopefully both of those go well.
Anyways after all my groceries were packed away I noticed my hand hurt , and when I looked down the little diamond in my engagement ring was gone. As far as rings go, it was a modest one, but I loved that thing. A lot.  The weird thing is I don't remember actually hitting my hand, but I hit it hard enough to bend the prongs holding the diamond. So I don't know where I lost it, but I hoped it was around the car, so there I was on my hands and knees searching for it, and when I realized I was never going to find it I started bawling. In the parking lot, crying my eyes out...I must have looked the damsel in distress because I had five guys come over to check on me. Haha, this part is pretty funny, (my wedding band is a very thin gold ring, so not that noticeable) one of the men told me my insurance would replace it, and I told him that no, I've had my engagement ring for over 7 years and it wasn't covered anymore, and he was just like, "tell your boyfriend to take this as a sign from God that he's waited too long to actually marry you."
boo. :(


  1. :( so sad!!! (what that guy said was pretty funny though, it sounds like he was hitting on you and trying to make you feel better all at the same time hahah)they make very pretty fake rings - i think i saw them at jcpenny - if a new ring or diamond isn't in the budget. i am not looking forward to sending kaia off to school. i think she can go to pre-k next year. she's my baby!!! we've asked her if she wants to go to school and she said she wanted to stay home with meee :( which is making me actually consider homeschooling.

  2. oh no! As someone who worked in the insurance may actually still be covered under a homeowner's policy. Most homeowners will automatically cover jewelry up to a certain amount, usually about $2500! Worth checking into anyway. I would be devastated!

  3. I know Christine!! The other day I thought about just homeschooling, but I want him to get to be with other kids during the day...especially since we don't have that many in our neighborhood and his best friends have both moved this year.
    I checked with my homeowners insurance, but the deductible is $1,000 so that's more than the ring is worth.
    I was just thinking Christine, that you and I had the same ring. For some reason, I remember comparing them that first day we went to the beach together.


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