Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, my in-laws left yesterday, so we're only two extra in our house now! It's funny, because now having Michael and Bethany here doesn't seem like anything (she leaves Tuesday). It was great having family here. I am blessed to have a mother-in-law, Jenny, that I really really love, and my father-in-law, Joel is great (and no, they don't read my blog, haha). It was really too bad though, because yesterday morning as they were getting ready to leave, my father-in-law got some really bad news. The mission organization they were with dissolved. I didn't know this, but any money churches give them goes to the mission board, and then the mission board gives the money to their missionaries. Really, it's a way for churches to feel safe that the money they're sending is actually being used for missions. Anyways, they have been traveling the States all summer and raised a bit of money, plus they had other money they had saved and they just lost it all. Every penny. They do have a bank account in France that is safe, and while I didn't ask for their financial information,  it probably wasn't as much as their US account. The amazing thing is that even though they found out they were unemployed and lost all their money in one morning, they weren't in dispair. They were shocked and sad of course, but they have fully trusted God in all of this.

What an amazing example.

The other day when the government was talking about defaulting Joel (my Joel) mentioned casually that we could lose all our retirement and bonds we've saved up. I was really frustrated because here we are trying to do the responsible thing and have been storing away 10% of his paycheck each month for the last four years and it could all be for nothing. While I was ranting, Joel told me, "It's just money. If we lose it all, God is still here taking care of us."

Like father, like son.


  1. i will keep them in my prayers. that's awesome that their faith is so strong during uncertain times! we have been putting away part of our paycheck too for retirement, where is that money going then? i guess we will stop putting it into that fund and put it into our own separate account...

  2. Thanks. I forgot to mention that EBM has almost 200 missionaries that are exactly in the same spot. It's really sad.
    I'm not really sure about the money. Joel was really casual about it, and doesn't want to stop putting our money there, so I'd say he doesn't seem that concerned, which is kinda odd to me, since it's not just a little money. So I'm not sure if what he's saying is true or not...I mean it kinda makes sense, but who knows. Idk, you might want to look into it, we are definitley not economists (if that's the word I'm even looking for). In one way , the money will always be safer in the fund since we may be more tempted to blow it on junk we don't really need if we can get to it anytime.

  3. oh yeah, and as far as I know it's not going anywhere.


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