Sunday, August 14, 2011


I really love life in the military. I love changing homes and states for something new (Georgia is our fifth state in six years!). I think as the kids get older and more settled into school the love for travelling will fade a little, but for now it's fine.
The only part about it that is hard is being away from family so much. My parents (my dad and step-mom are in CO and my mom is in NM) are 25 hours away. I think under normal situations it would still be hard, but when Sam was only a few months old my dad was in a semi-truck accident and received a traumatic brain injury. I feel kind of like scum talking about how it has affected me, when out of my family I was affected the least (I was living in Indiana at the time, but my little brother and sister were just starting high school). But it has affected me. How could it not?? Besides my husband and children these are the people nearest and dearest to my heart. It hurts so bad to not be able to be there for them during hard times. I thank God for giving me such an understanding and patient husband, because I have needed it a lot these past four and a half years.
One of the things I've had to reconcile myself with over time is that prayer IS doing something. I never realized how small my faith in prayer was until one day, I was crying and crying because I wanted to be there with them and there was nothing I was able to physically do for them from 1200 miles away, and Joel told me to pray for them and I was annoyed because I did not want to pray I wanted to DO. And I just realized that aside from things like phone calls&letters, I was going to have to have faith in my prayers, because there's not much I can do, but at least I can do that. It's not always easy..most of the time things seem to get worse rather than better, but I do trust God's purpose in all this. This is where I am in life, and though it really stinks at times, I just have to have faith that God is working things out...that He is fixing things that I cannot. Haha, needless to say it's been one of those weeks!

Most of you have probably heard this song before, but it is my very favorite. I don't know how to do the fancy thing and have the youtube page show up here, but it's Blessed Be Your Name by Tree63.  (It's actually where I got my url name from (the 121 part, is Job 1:21)!)

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