Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Drug dealers and weddings.

Yup, drug dealers and weddings. Two things that kind of ring up emotions on both ends of the happiness spectrum and two things Joel and I got to experience in the last week...
So last Wednesday (technically it all went down Thursday) I stayed up really late getting the house straightened up and packing stuff for our trip to SC and finally went to bed at midnight. I had trouble falling asleep, and around 12:45 I heard gunshots. At least I thought they were gunshots, but I am no expert, and I thought they sounded far away, so I didn't worry about it at all. I just prayed that nobody got hurt. Then maybe five minutes later Hailey (our German Shepherd) started barking like crazy. She never barks at night, so I totally freaked out. I started yelling at Joel to get up and make sure things were okay (he didn't hear the first gunshots) and when he got to the hallway there were more gunshots, this time a lot closer. By the time I got the courage to look out the window there were ten cop cars parked in front of our house. :P At least they got here quick. I didn't find out until the next morning when our little street made the news what had actually happened. Apparently our neighbor (two doors down!) was a drug dealer and someone broke into his house and shot him in an armed robbery. The police found a bunch of drugs and after the guy gets out of the hospital he's getting shipped off to prison. It was a crazy night!  The worst thing to me about this whole event is the fact that I've met some of the kids that live in the robbed house and they are really sweet, nice girls...there was also a baby in the house when this went down. It's heartbreaking to think of the kind of family they've live in.
Call me crazy, but I still feel as safe and secure in my neighborhood as I did before this mess. Mostly because bad stuff happens no matter where you live...my parents live in one of the safest neighborhoods in their town, but there was a murder/suicide two doors down from them. We once lived in a small farming community and a lady in our church had her daughter murdered right in front of her. Think of Littleton Highschool-that school is in one of the richest parts of Denver.

Ahh well, this turned out to be a really long post, so just drug dealers today I guess!


  1. That's crazy, I'm glad no one else got hurt. it's actually really shocking how many people are involved in drugs - either taking them or selling them (or both)...
    that's a shame about the kids :( how scary for them!

  2. I just talked to my friend who lives on the more expensive side of town and she found out a while ago someone on her block was operating a meth house! It's crazy!


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