Wednesday, September 21, 2011

History and life lessons

This past weekend our family went on an overnight trip to Charleston, SC. What a gorgeous city! The first day we spent at the ocean and the next we went to a museum and got to tour an aircraft carrier and a submarine. It was pretty awesome.  It's about a 3.5 hour drive, so not too bad, but far enough with kids. It was worth it though!
on the deck

seriously, how does something so big and so made of metal float???

We were only on the submarine for ten minutes or so, but the tight, tiny spaces made me feel crazy. To think that people lived on those things for months on ends is pretty amazing.
USS Clamagore
Sam in one of the beds. There were six to a room.

In totally unrelated news, I finished out my third week of helping with the GAP class at church today. It's been an interesting experience. Looking at these ladies, I realize how incredibly different my life would have turned out had I never learned to read, finished school, or even just had a different family life and how difficult that life would be now. "Funny" is definitely  not the right word, but I've also realized (well, actually I've always thought people needed to calm down, but that's a different story) anyways, I've realized the whole breast vs. formula debate is kinda funny because there are 8 week old babies out there with orange soda in their bottles. I thought that was crazy, but apparently it's pretty common. Yikes. Can you imagine? 

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  1. my parents spent their honeymoon in charleston & loved it! oh my, that ship is HUGE!!! the picture of the deck is unbelievable!


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