Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy mess

Busy mess. Those two words describe me perfectly right now. There is so much going on, and I'm not keeping up with it all that gracefully. Oh! But one huge blessing is that my morning sickness went away the week we moved. Sam started his new school on base Monday. He says he likes it and is having fun, and he has another really great teacher which is wonderful. I feel a little bad about the fact that he's already on his second school in the first semester of kindergarten, and there will be plenty of other schools in the future if we stay in the military. I was thinking the other day that Sam has already lived in five different far all the changes haven't been a problem, but I'm sure it will get hard the older he gets. (Actually I know it will, I went to over 12 schools growing up).
Annaleigh loves our new house (which by the way, is really nice, and one day when I'm not so busy or messy I'll take pictures). She goes around saying things like, "I like the new house" all the time. The first time she saw our car in the garage was hilarious. She thought it was so fantastic that there was "a car in the house."  Bedtime is about a million times better...I can't even describe how much nicer it is to put them to bed now. It's lovely. Annaleigh hasn't been in her own room for several months now, so when I started unpacking all her old things, it was like Christmas for her. She didn't remember any of her stuff, and she is in love with her room. I've made a strict "no toys in the bedroom" rule (besides lovies at night) so I'm hopeful that things will stay neater this way.
Here's a picture of Lou's room. The only room in the house ready to have it's picture taken:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Matthew 11:28

Please keep my family in your prayers please. I lost an amazing aunt this week. The funeral is tomorrow, and it hurts that I cannot be there with my family. She is the second daughter my grandmother has lost in four years to cancer...the second sister my mom has lost...the mother of my cousin who is expecting her first child the same week as me. I praise God that she is in Heaven with Him now and no longer suffering, but my heart breaks for all those left behind.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Monday, October 17, 2011

In and out

Friday night I asked my brother-in-law if he would be willing to wake up with the kids Saturday morning since Joel and I haven't been able to sleep in on the same day basically since Sam was born (we take turns sleeping in every other Saturday) and he agreed. I was so excited. The kids usually wake up around 7:00, and Saturday morning I woke up at 6:50 starving to death, I couldn't fall back to sleep, and the kids actually slept in an extra 40 minutes. I found it all really annoying, lol! The bright side is that my morning sickness has pretty much gone away, so that's a huge blessing.
I don't know if I mentioned this, but Joel's other brother and his wife are actually the ones buying our house, and Saturday all their stuff arrived (they were told it takes 2-4 weeks, and it got here after about 1). Thankfully they have way less than we do, but it's nuts in here. I should take a picture. We have a pretty small living room and it currently holds two huge couches and two recliners among other stuff.  I know I said I was feeling kind of sad about moving, but now it's just like, "get me out of here!!!" I'm also looking forward to getting my box of maternity stuff, because I was sure I wouldn't need them this soon, but I am definitely pulling out the fat pants as soon as we get to our new home. I haven't gained any weight, but I'm pretty big already. My stomach muscles must be shot. :P

I've been trying to do less blog posts recently because I feel like they are becoming progressively more whiny, but it just feels so good to whine, so thanks for bearing with me. ;)

Friday, October 14, 2011


Yikes! We are officially living in someone elses house!! A lawyer came over today and we signed everything over. Next Friday we move out and start a new chapter in our life. I'm excited about our new place and not having so much responsibility, and a playroom for the kids, but at the same time we had a really great time here.  Sam will start a new school on base, and hopefully that goes well. We really didn't make money by buying (we basically broke even) but we'll be getting a nice enough check in the mail sometime soon, which is always fun! Joel dropped out of school for the year, and today was his last day. I think it's going to help a ton, because he is always so so busy, which of course makes me busy too.  He's only one credit away from being half-way through his masters degree, but we both  need a break right now.

Pj parties and prayer

Sam had a pj party at school this week. We'd already packed most of his pj's away, but he was excited to wear his Toy Story shirt, and especially happy to get to bring Buddy, his favorite stuffed animal with him. Sam is loving school. A lot! It makes me really happy for him, since I debated so much about what to do with him this year. The only thing that he's ever said that was kind of negative was actually the other day. I was making his lunch, and whenever he has pudding or applesauce I throw in a Take N Toss spoon which are just small colored plastic spoons, and he says, "Can you please not put a baby spoon in my lunch anymore? The other kids tease me." Awwww! I felt bad but I had never thought of it looking like a baby spoon (haha, I even put them in Joel's lunch box which I'm sure he loves). So now i make sure to give him a "real" spoon. :)
Since I'm on the subject of Sam...I found out the other day that he has been praying for me to feel better at church for the last few weeks. He is just the sweetest little person. Love that boy! He's also still praying for a sister, which I think is just adorable. I'm sure it will be really easy to convince him that a brother would be fun if that's what we end up having, but since we don't know yet, I'm glad he still wants another sister.
ready for pajama day!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grown up...

Well, our decision (that really big one I wasn't very specific about) was made. It really really hurt making it. It's so hard because we have so many things to consider like what's right for the family member and what's right for our family. I think that we made the right decision, but it was really hard because I know that it hurt someone I love a lot. Sometimes I doubt myself, thinking things like, "how can something that hurts so much,  be the right thing to do??" I guess it's tough love or something, but it stinks, it's the kind of thing that makes me wish that I wasn't a grown up and I could just hide under the covers and pretend I'm five again.
Haha, I've been really upset the past day because of this mess and at church this morning someone asked me how I was doing (in the generic 'how are you' 'I'm fine' kind of way) and I totally started crying and telling them that I was fine and everything was great all at the same time. I actually did that twice today! It's not that I don't want to share my problems, I just didn't want to get into a complicated story and emotional mess at that time. Lol, Joel told me I am an awesome actor and definitely had them fooled. ;)
It also made me think about the article I read recently about how facebook actually makes people depressed because they think other people's lives are so much more awesome/better than there own is (since people tend to only post stuff that's exciting or good news). I definitely wouldn't say that facebook depresses me, but it's interesting to think about!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick fix

I need help. Or a bacon cheeseburger. Probably both. I've spent the last ten minutes looking through the Wendy's website, and am literally crying right now. What a mess. Joel just made dinner for us too, which is extremely rare, very sweet, and I didn't eat a thing because I felt sick, but now I'm crying over cheeseburgers.

Ack, okay, I thought I'd share one of my favorite "quick" dinners. I don't really do frozen meals or hamburger helper, but this is what I have in place of those. I love it because it's really good either hot or cold, and there is no meat cooking involved. Usually we eat it hot the first night, then have it as a pasta salad side another night.

Hot or Cold Salami Tomato Basil Pasta
-Boil one box penne according to directions
-drain and mix in the following:
-3/4 cup Italian dressing
-1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
-2 chopped tomatoes (more or less depending on how much tomato you like)
-1 package hard salami chopped
-1 tablespoon dried basil (although fresh is always better if you have it!)
other things I have tried and loved are artichoke hearts and black olives.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Ok, I have decided to stop telling the internet world about how insane I am. ;)  Instead, I'll share a few plans I've been working on in my mind for the new playroom we'll have once we move. We haven't decided what we're going to do once this little baby comes as far as room sharing goes, but at least for now we'll have an extra room for a couple months. Since we may not always have that room, I'd like everything to be kind of neutral so that baby can just move in there (well, also because it's for both a girl and boy) so I'm thinking lots of bright colors. I also like the challenge of working on a budget. I haven't picked one yet, but I will soon. I was able to do Annaleigh's nursery for under $115 dollars (including bedding for a twin bed and the crib!) Here's a picture I found on pinterest that I love:

And here is one other thing that I'm definitely planning on trying with the kids:
crayons melted with hairdryer!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Joel got to kill his very first snake. We found it living under my flower pot. It was at least two feet long and really fat, so it was a big guy. The good thing is it didn't look like any of the venomous snakes found in GA. It looked something like this:

Our house packing is going well despite the fact that I feel lousy just about every minute of the day. We've been throwing all the boxes and stuff in our old playroom, and it's getting pretty full! Annaleigh is almost potty trained! We just have to get her to go #2 consistently in the potty and she'll be ready for undies full time (minus night time of course). Actually, she is in undies full time already, except when we go out, and I'll probably keep doing that for a while. Also, our drug dealer neighbors moved out of their house, so that's always a plus in my opinion.

And finally, Joel and I have a huge "thing" (sorry, I know it's not descriptive) that we have to decide on about the care of a family member. It is potentially a very big and very long task, although I'm not entirely sure...which makes the decision harder since we don't know exactly what we are getting ourselves into. We have to figure out what the right thing to do is. Being a grown up can be a little overwhelming sometimes. I feel old and tired just thinking about it...

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