Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy mess

Busy mess. Those two words describe me perfectly right now. There is so much going on, and I'm not keeping up with it all that gracefully. Oh! But one huge blessing is that my morning sickness went away the week we moved. Sam started his new school on base Monday. He says he likes it and is having fun, and he has another really great teacher which is wonderful. I feel a little bad about the fact that he's already on his second school in the first semester of kindergarten, and there will be plenty of other schools in the future if we stay in the military. I was thinking the other day that Sam has already lived in five different far all the changes haven't been a problem, but I'm sure it will get hard the older he gets. (Actually I know it will, I went to over 12 schools growing up).
Annaleigh loves our new house (which by the way, is really nice, and one day when I'm not so busy or messy I'll take pictures). She goes around saying things like, "I like the new house" all the time. The first time she saw our car in the garage was hilarious. She thought it was so fantastic that there was "a car in the house."  Bedtime is about a million times better...I can't even describe how much nicer it is to put them to bed now. It's lovely. Annaleigh hasn't been in her own room for several months now, so when I started unpacking all her old things, it was like Christmas for her. She didn't remember any of her stuff, and she is in love with her room. I've made a strict "no toys in the bedroom" rule (besides lovies at night) so I'm hopeful that things will stay neater this way.
Here's a picture of Lou's room. The only room in the house ready to have it's picture taken:

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