Monday, October 3, 2011


Joel got to kill his very first snake. We found it living under my flower pot. It was at least two feet long and really fat, so it was a big guy. The good thing is it didn't look like any of the venomous snakes found in GA. It looked something like this:

Our house packing is going well despite the fact that I feel lousy just about every minute of the day. We've been throwing all the boxes and stuff in our old playroom, and it's getting pretty full! Annaleigh is almost potty trained! We just have to get her to go #2 consistently in the potty and she'll be ready for undies full time (minus night time of course). Actually, she is in undies full time already, except when we go out, and I'll probably keep doing that for a while. Also, our drug dealer neighbors moved out of their house, so that's always a plus in my opinion.

And finally, Joel and I have a huge "thing" (sorry, I know it's not descriptive) that we have to decide on about the care of a family member. It is potentially a very big and very long task, although I'm not entirely sure...which makes the decision harder since we don't know exactly what we are getting ourselves into. We have to figure out what the right thing to do is. Being a grown up can be a little overwhelming sometimes. I feel old and tired just thinking about it...

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