Friday, October 14, 2011

Pj parties and prayer

Sam had a pj party at school this week. We'd already packed most of his pj's away, but he was excited to wear his Toy Story shirt, and especially happy to get to bring Buddy, his favorite stuffed animal with him. Sam is loving school. A lot! It makes me really happy for him, since I debated so much about what to do with him this year. The only thing that he's ever said that was kind of negative was actually the other day. I was making his lunch, and whenever he has pudding or applesauce I throw in a Take N Toss spoon which are just small colored plastic spoons, and he says, "Can you please not put a baby spoon in my lunch anymore? The other kids tease me." Awwww! I felt bad but I had never thought of it looking like a baby spoon (haha, I even put them in Joel's lunch box which I'm sure he loves). So now i make sure to give him a "real" spoon. :)
Since I'm on the subject of Sam...I found out the other day that he has been praying for me to feel better at church for the last few weeks. He is just the sweetest little person. Love that boy! He's also still praying for a sister, which I think is just adorable. I'm sure it will be really easy to convince him that a brother would be fun if that's what we end up having, but since we don't know yet, I'm glad he still wants another sister.
ready for pajama day!

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