Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick fix

I need help. Or a bacon cheeseburger. Probably both. I've spent the last ten minutes looking through the Wendy's website, and am literally crying right now. What a mess. Joel just made dinner for us too, which is extremely rare, very sweet, and I didn't eat a thing because I felt sick, but now I'm crying over cheeseburgers.

Ack, okay, I thought I'd share one of my favorite "quick" dinners. I don't really do frozen meals or hamburger helper, but this is what I have in place of those. I love it because it's really good either hot or cold, and there is no meat cooking involved. Usually we eat it hot the first night, then have it as a pasta salad side another night.

Hot or Cold Salami Tomato Basil Pasta
-Boil one box penne according to directions
-drain and mix in the following:
-3/4 cup Italian dressing
-1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
-2 chopped tomatoes (more or less depending on how much tomato you like)
-1 package hard salami chopped
-1 tablespoon dried basil (although fresh is always better if you have it!)
other things I have tried and loved are artichoke hearts and black olives.


  1. :( i cry over cheeseburgers too... lol
    i hope you start feeling better soon, the first trimester really is rough!

  2. Lol, at least I'm not the only one!! Joel went out last night and bought me three jr. bacon cheeseburgers, and the first bite of the first one had my stomache rolling. :P Cured my desire for cheeseburgers for sure.


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