Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

First off, in full disclosure, I am totally ripping off my good friend over at My Lovely Chaos for the idea on this post. Hope you don't mind! ;) I've gotten some really amazing product recommendations from her including my new all time favorite household cleaner- Method All-Purpose Cleanser. I seriously love this stuff! Not that anyone actually needs a reason to go to Target, but I'll make trips specifically to get this. The Pink Grapefruit smells so nice, I would wear it if it was healthy!

This will probably be the one and only time I do this, since I tend to not be very brand loyal...I'm always positive that there is something better out there, but here are a few things that I've decided are worth sticking with. (And if you would please hum the tune to "These are a few of my favorite things" from the Sound of Music, that would be great. ;)


Playmobil: These are seriously the coolest toys ever. My husband grew up playing with them, and I've been completely hooked since Sam got his first set. They do have tons of tiny pieces (which is part of the fun), so they're not  for very young kids, but even Annaleigh loves these.  I also think they're one of the few toys that grow with kids, meaning Sam will still be playing with his for years. (Btw, Toys R Us is the only physical store that I know of that sales them.)They have everything, so they're perfect for girls or boys. If you don't believe me you can look here: http://playmobil-toys.net/ 
Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dolls:
Like paper dolls without the tears and cutting out!
Alex Bath Stickers:
I bought these over a year ago for $12 at Target. At 1.5 years Annaleigh liked sticking them to the tub walls, and Sam, now 5, likes making awesome cities. The bag they come in is super convinient for storage.


Maxwell House International Cafe Hazelnut Iced Latte: I love iced coffee...it's probably my biggest food related weakness. I'm still working on finding a good homemade version that I love, but for now this is my favorite ice coffee mix. I've probably tried every brand and every flavor, and now, this is the only one I'll buy. They run around $2.70 for a box of six, so it's not totally economical, but it's cheaper than buying at Starbucks or even McDonalds.

Blue Bunny Chocolate Lovers Triple Chocolate Cake: I'm going to go ahead and assume that the name says it all. ;)

Simply Asia Ginger Teryaki Stir-Fry Sauce: With chicken and over white rice, this is almost as good as eating out.

Presto Poplight Hot Air Popper:  I'm a popcorn fanatic. This costs about $20, and is cheaper in the long run than buying bagged popcorn, plus it doesn't use butter or oil to cook the popcorn. If I'm calorie counting, I spritz it with a little butter flavored Pan and sprinkle with popcorn salt, otherwise they also movie theater oil that's really tasty.

Haha, well, I had a few other things, but this is taking forever, so I'm going to be lazy and call it quits for today!


  1. yayyyy :D i love reading other peoples favorite things! i will definitely have to try some of those! (ice cream and cheap "take out"? yes please :))

  2. My wife and I are both Christians and I just thought I'd stop in for a visit to your blog.

    God bless!

  3. Haha, phew Christine! I felt like a thief stealing your idea! ;)
    And misting fog, thank you for following my blog!

  4. I love pink grapefruit! It smells so good! We used to have a soda in Romania that was pink grapefruit and it was my favorite! Michael loves the playmobils. I never heard about them until he told me. He still thinks they are the greatest toys ever lol.


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