Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The new guy

Long story short: we got a new puppy.

Now the long story:

The logical smart side of Joel and I said that we should probably wait a few years to get another dog. Obviously we didn't listen to ourselves. For a while we've talked about what our second dog would be. We had two really bad experiences with rescue dogs (probably in main part because our kids are so young) so we knew for sure we wanted to start with a puppy. After our experience with Hailey we also knew that we never wanted the breed or size to be an issue again. So small, but not too small, and one known for being really good with people and kids. So after a lot of research that's how we ended up choosing a mini-schnauzer.  We've never actually owned one or even known one before. (A bonus we found out after choosing is that they hardly shed!).
I personally think the all white ones are the cutest, they just happen to be kind of rare, and because of this are usually the most expensive.  We found a breeder who didn't price on color so the one we got was cheaper than most, and was also only two hours away, which was closer than the others we found. We were planning on waiting to get him on Christmas, but basically, we would have to drive down there to put a deposit then again to pick him up, and the guy said he wouldn't hold him without a deposit, so  I drove out the very next day to get him to save ourselves a second four hour trip.
The kids had no clue, so we made a treasure hunt for Sam, with the final clue being him sitting in a basket in the garage. They were so suprised!

Now we just need to work on a name and potty-training!

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