Saturday, November 19, 2011


I have pretty much been non-stop crying the last three days. We've come to the conclusion that Hailey has to find a new home (this conclusion based on the fact that she's not allowed to move onto base with us). Joel has finally stopped asking me why I'm crying every time I randomly burst into tears. Hailey has always been kind of a hyper-active dummy (the trainer we were working with told us that she's high-strung and high-energy for a GS, and GS's tend to be high-energy, high-strung dogs) but even so she's always been my baby. It's really upsetting not knowing where she'll end up or how her future owners will take care of her. Ack, I really love my baby girl, but short of sending her to a $2,500 doggy bootcamp, there is really nothing we can do now. :(

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