Thursday, November 3, 2011


Eeeep!! I am so excited!!! It's Joel and my 7th anniversary this weekend, and as part of his gift, I'm kidnapping him and taking him on a suprise overnight trip to Savannah. Best of all?? No kids!! Honestly, I am very impressed with myself for not spilling the beans. I am an AWFUL secret keeper. I had to make one clandestine phone call and when he asked me who it was I started to  laugh hysterically. It's bad. :P I eventually told him that I was asking Michael to come over Saturday morning to babysit, so we could go to breakfast together. I am pretty sure I have pulled it off though, mostly because we  have several things planned to do this weekend, so it's actually not the best weekend to be running off. I love it. I didn't get all the details planned out until yesterday, but my last minuteness actually paid off, because I got a really nice hotel at a great price ($80 after tax!). Gotta love hotwire!

Here's a picture from the hotel. I know their pictures are always way nicer than the reality, but the beach is very close, and that's all I want! (Although it's only going to be in the high 60's so too  chilly for swimming) We always go as budget friendly as possible (without the possibility of getting bedbugs) so Joel will probably freak out at first when he sees we're right next to the ocean. When we visited Charleston $80 got us 35 minutes away from the beach.:) It took me forever to decide whether to go three hours south to the beach or three hours north to the mountains, but the beach won me over. I decided mountains would be a fun change for the kids if we decide to do that later. Now all I have left to do is make a few hard decisions, like "do we go to Paula Deen's all you can eat buffet, or not?"

**And babe, if by some freak chance you decide to start reading my blog, you better act suprised!


  1. aww what a good wife! that's such a nice surprise (and I vote YES!YES!YES! for the paula deen buffet ;))

  2. Do you think I should keep it a secret or let him know? Lol, I am losing my resolve to suprise him so fast!

  3. It looks like such a nice hotel! Hope you guys have fun!


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