Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat?

After a lot of debate on my part, we decided to let the kids go trick or treating on Halloween this year (well, technically, they went Friday). I know it's not something that most people would spend any time debating, but since Joel and I were never allowed to celebrate Halloween, it was a little tricky for us. I understand why many Christians choose to have nothing to do with the holiday (random side note, when I was little, my dad-then a police officer- was attacked when he tried to break up a group of Satan worshipers doing some ritual). Growing up, I understood why we didn't, but lets face it, there's really nothing more fun than dressing up and getting free candy, so every year was a little disappointing. :P  So anyways, long story short we let the kids go this year, with the understanding that we don't "do" the creepy parts of Halloween (ie, witches, demons, ghosts), sort of like churches have harvest festivals. I don't know if that makes sense, but at least in my mind, it's all very reasonable;) and the kids had tons of fun. Here are a few pictures of my cuties :)
Sam, one of the Transformers
Annaleigh, a princess fairy
my favorite picture!! I was telling Sam to act strong and Allie jumped in with this. So cute!

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  1. It makes perfect sense. That's the way how we always did it when I was growing up. Annaleigh and Sam look adorable!


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