Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend away and baby bumps

Well, the weekend was a lot of fun! The only problem was that I actually messed up the location a little, so we weren't close to Savannah, which sadly meant no all you can eat Paula Deen fried foods. :/ The hotel was nice, but it was a little chilly, and the place I chose was a little too up-scale in a way. It was a little lacking in character, but the beach was close and we were alone! It even worked out really nicely with daylight savings-we actually got to sleep in that extra hour!! I think next time we'll stay close to home...haha, oh I forgot, I told Joel that we were going to fly a grandma over for our 10th anniversary and go somewhere tropical. But other than that we'll try not to spend so much time in the car.
I loved the Spanish moss

In other news, I am officially pronouncing Annaleigh POTTY TRAINED. Exciting, and definitely in time, which is nice. Let's see...I'm also quickly passing from looking like I ate to much to looking like I'm pregnant. With my first, I kinda just looked fat for the longest time, so I appreciate actually looking pregnant...although depending on what I wear, most people would still not say anything at this point.
Here's me right at the start of the pregnancy, and then again at 11.5 weeks, so I'm even bigger by now (that was almost a month ago!)
 They are my last non-maternity jeans I can fit...I just can never wash them again. ;)

And this is a little random, but it really is crazy to me...between those two pictures, I actually weighed a pound less in the second. How in the world is that possible? I don't know. I can't figure it out. Joel thinks I'm making things up.

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  1. Lol, that's crazy. Not sure how you lost a pound but that is pretty amazing. Glad you guys enjoyed your weekend.


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