Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Traditions.

First of all, Merry Christmas!! I hope you have a wonderful day spent with your families. :) Christmas Eve is always a super busy day for me, because I try to get everything done so that on Christmas itself I just have to pop stuff in the oven and enjoy the day. My parents did a really wonderful job making Christmas magical when I was little, and I hope that Joel and I do the same for our kids. It has been fun figuring out what our own little traditions will be over the years. Christmas Eve we have a giant finger food /junk food party (chips & dip, shrimp cocktail-that kind of stuff), read the Christmas story, and the kids open stockings (Joel's family always opened presents Christmas Eve so this was our compromise since I was set on  doing presents Chrismas morning), and the kids get new pj's to wear that night. The next morning we have fruit salad and monkey bread and pretty much play with toys the rest of the day until turkey time. :)
One of my favorite things we do is each year we buy a special ornament that represents something special that happened that year. We only have eight right now, but I love to think of all the memories that will be represented 30 years from now.

Here's what we have so far:

1. 2004-(couple) the year Joel and I got married
2. 2005-(Eiffel Tower) our trip to France
3. 2006- (mobile) Sam's first Christmas
4. 2007- (airplane snowflake) Joel joined the Airforce
5. 2008-(house) bought our first house
6. 2009-(not pictured, Precious Moments baby) Annaleigh's 1st Christmas
7. 2010- (not pictured/cap and gown) Joel gets bachelor's degree
9. 2011-(dog) got our new puppy

This last year was the hardest because nothing really big happened, so I was planning on just getting some beachy ornament since we went to Charleston, but then we got Dallas, so that ended up being this year!

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