Monday, January 30, 2012

Eleven things

Tag, you're it! write 11 facts about yourself then answer the 11 I made up - then tag whoever you want and make up 11 for them!

1. I'm horrible at putting away folded laundry. To me, it's the worst chore in the house.
2. My middle name is Vania.
3. I don't have my tonsils or appendix.
4. I've never had alcohol.
5. This song makes me cry every time I hear it, but it's one of my very favorites.
6. I have to sleep in a "made" bed. I can't stand messy sheets.
7. I HATE that schools are getting rid of recess.
8. I wish it was socially acceptable to tell people to stop whining and be grateful for what they have. :P
9.I only passed art class in high school because everybody passes that does the work. I have no skill.
10. Wiping kids noses (like when I help in the nursery) totally grosses me out. I probably look like a freak with my 20 kleenex+handwashing+hand sanitizer.
11. I kinda hate girl's night out, tupperware parties, and talking on the phone...the stuff that women are supposed to love.
1. What's your biggest pet peeve?
Drivers who honk at you for obeying traffic laws. Makes me wish I had a shotgun to wave around. Bigger than a peeve  is military families that complain about the healthcare we receive.
2. What's your proudest moment?
Skipping seeing my kids for the first time, I'd say it's when my kids make choices/do things that show me they're growing into lovely little people.

3. Which game show would you be on and why?
Deal or No Deal. It seems like the easiest to make money on. I hated watching it though...people are stupid.

4. If you were stuck on an island for a year what would you bring and why?
Mu husband, a Bible, paper and pencils, hammer and nails. Maybe my kids. Depends on the island.

5. What is #1 on your bucket list?
I'd love to see Rome and Greece.

6. What song always makes you happy? favorite ever is "Blessed Be Your Name" Tree63

7. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
The ability to make children fall asleep on command. No question, haha.

8. If you could only eat one thing for the next year what would it be?
Not that this would be my choice, but I read something once where scientists said dog food would give you all the nutrition you'd need if it was the only thing you could eat. I'd go with a Subway turkey breast sandwich though...

9. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
I'm not really a crazy person...I'd say moving across the country when Sam was 3 months old and Joel had no job in the new city.

10. Do you have any secret talents?
Nope, no secret talents. I think I'm a lot calmer than most women though. Maybe that counts.

11. When was your first kiss?
Joel gave it to me, right after my freshman year of college ended.

Your Turn:
1. What's the sickest you've ever been?
2. Would you rather be overdressed or underdressed for a party?
3. Have you ever wanted a different name?
4.Best thing to eat for breakfast?
5.Would you donate one of your kidneys to a total stranger?
6. Would you pose nude in a magazine for $100,000?
7.What do you dip a chicken nugget in?
8.Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
9.What is your usual bedtime? Wake-up time?
10.When's the last time you ran?
11. First crush?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Teeth and tucking in.

Well, it happened.  Another milestone in growing up passed. Sam lost his first tooth! Actually, we've been telling him to wiggle his tooth like crazy for the past month. He has what's called "shark teeth" where the adult teeth are coming up already (so he has two rows of teeth) and if it didn't come out soon, it would have to be pulled. Now we're just waiting for the second one to fall out! Sam wasn't sure if the tooth fairy was real or not, but since his tooth went missing and he found $2 without being woken up, he's a believer for now. :)
You can hardly tell he's missing one since the adult tooth is already there...

In other Sam news: we had one of the proudest moments of our lives the other night, haha. Annaleigh wanted to sleep with  him-it usually lasts about ten minutes before someone starts crying and they're separated-and they were lasting a lot longer than normal when Sam came downstairs and told us that he put Allie to bed for us because he didn't want us to have to come back upstairs. He tucked her in, said prayers, sang songs, and gave her kisses! It was awesome. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I am starving, and what I want most in life is cake. Lots of it. All the time. So up until this week I've been feeling pretty good as far as weight/hunger goes. I've gained about 10ish pounds, which in my opinion, is pretty good since I've had pregnancy as an excuse to pig out for the past 25 weeks. I've been hoping not to gain toooo much (or at least as much as the last two times) but I think that hope has gone out the window, I've been crazy hungry all week.  Actually, I'm not really worried, I kind of think that most women gain about the same each pregnancy (38 with Sam, 35 with Allie), at least that's what someone who had 6 kids told me. I'm too exhausted and hungry to care about pounds. The funny thing is after Sam I lost a ton of weight very fast and very easily. I was actually thinner six months after he was born that I was before I got pregnant. Haha, I thought I was one lucky girl and it would work the same way again. Not so much! :P I never was able to shake the last 5-10 pounds after Annaleigh... Anyways, there's really no point to this post other than the fact that I want to whine about being hungry.
Oh! I did make some of the best strawberry icing EVER the other day. I eyeballed everything, so I don't have a real recipe.:( Basically it was one stick soft butter and about a cup of defrosted frozen strawberries mixed together well and then I added powder sugar until it was the consistency I wanted. I was really suprised at how strong the strawberry flavor was...I have some left over and I think I'm going to add some cream cheese to it...and make a chocolate cake.

25 weeks...super classy bathroom pic ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I suppose I should start by saying that I am under no illusion that I or my doctors are in control of my pregnancy, everything is under the will of God. That being said, there has always been a little sigh of a relief to me when I reach 24 weeks. (That is the stage when doctors will take measures to save your babies life if you happen to go into premature labor.) This week is week 24 for me. Haha, it sounds like I've made really good progress in this pregnancy thing, until I remember that I have 16 weeks left. Well, technically 15 but that's another post. :P This is the last pregnancy I'm planning on, so I'm trying hard to enjoy it, but it has been so hard! Without too much complaining, I'll just say that I will be happy when our little guy gets here.
I meant to write about this when we found out Baby's gender, but time got away. We are so happy to be having a boy. Joel was a little disappointed because we had a girl's name picked out, so we still have some work (we actually have three names on the list now, so Baby T may not be a Baby T after all!), and I kind of wonder what we'll do about room sharing in the future (if that's even an issue) but other than that everyone is thrilled. I always think ultrasound dates are a tiny bit bittersweet...for 20 weeks-really even longer-you have these two little people in your mind that you love. The possibility of your future son or all three times I've found out what I was having there has been a teeny bit of sadness, kind of like having to say goodbye to one of them (I say that very very loosely, because it's obviously nothing like actually losing a child). But now it's like I have all my love going towards our little boy instead of split up between the two. I don't know if this makes any sense and it is horribly sappy. I'm almost embarrassed to write this, lol.
I also recently got Baby's first outfit (I still have all Sam's baby clothes so I don't need a lot). I've gotta say, even though girl's stuff tends to be a whole lot cuter, it's fun buying baby boy things again after 2 years of pink overload! ;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Well, I completed my first project of 2012! I got my craft area organized. Having everything in its place has been really nice. This house on base is totally going to spoil me with the huge walk in closet and pantry (where my crafts are)!

See that sewing machine? I still have no clue how to use it. :P It drives me crazy. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my sister-in-law to come over soon and teach me otherwise I'll have to find classes somewhere. I have a lot of things I want to try. I've even gotten fabrics, I want to make a nursing cover with the flower pattern and a reversible carseat cover with the brown and blue ones.

I have this really ugly, but still functional dresser that I'm planning on re-doing for Baby. I've spent a lot of time researching how to paint laminate furniture without sanding, so hopefully it works!

And finally, starting this Wednesday, I am going to start leading a small craft class (10-12 ladies) for Gap. I'm excited and nervous! I need to start coming up with ideas that take long enough to do-about 40 minutes-is simple to explain and carry out, and is cheap to make.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year's! I know I am looking forward to what this year is bringing us! I'm not big on new year's resolutions, in fact I'm pretty anti-resolution making, but I'm married to a man who not only makes them, but has a little list that he keeps the entire year and checks off after he accomplishes each one. It shames me a little, haha. So anyways, this year my main goal is to create a healthier lifestyle for my family. There's obviously the nice benefit of losing weight (which I'm going to need in a few months!) but much more than that is just the healthy living part.  My family has a pretty awful history with cancer, and there's a 50% chance that I have the breast cancer gene (if I have that gene, it increases my risk of getting cancer by 80%). The worst part is that if I have the gene, there is a 50% chance that my babies have it too (genetics). For right now, I'm not going to be tested because there really isn't any benefit to knowing (all they'd do is watch me more carefully, and I can have that done without the test) and can actually cause insurance problems in the future.
So...healthy living is definitely something that is important to me, and I think the most obvious thing is diet, but there's other areas as well. It's not that we're very unhealthy people or anything, but we could do better. I've tried several times, but I always try to change too much at once and become a little overwhelmed and quit, so for now, I'm trying to make one change a month, and maybe as time goes on add more.
In December I  finally made the switch to 100% whole wheat bread. Not very big, but at least it's something. I haven't yet figured out what else will change in the months to come, so if you have any advice or ideas please let me know! I'm thinking this month will have something to do with the food pyramid and fruits and veggies.
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