Thursday, January 19, 2012


I am starving, and what I want most in life is cake. Lots of it. All the time. So up until this week I've been feeling pretty good as far as weight/hunger goes. I've gained about 10ish pounds, which in my opinion, is pretty good since I've had pregnancy as an excuse to pig out for the past 25 weeks. I've been hoping not to gain toooo much (or at least as much as the last two times) but I think that hope has gone out the window, I've been crazy hungry all week.  Actually, I'm not really worried, I kind of think that most women gain about the same each pregnancy (38 with Sam, 35 with Allie), at least that's what someone who had 6 kids told me. I'm too exhausted and hungry to care about pounds. The funny thing is after Sam I lost a ton of weight very fast and very easily. I was actually thinner six months after he was born that I was before I got pregnant. Haha, I thought I was one lucky girl and it would work the same way again. Not so much! :P I never was able to shake the last 5-10 pounds after Annaleigh... Anyways, there's really no point to this post other than the fact that I want to whine about being hungry.
Oh! I did make some of the best strawberry icing EVER the other day. I eyeballed everything, so I don't have a real recipe.:( Basically it was one stick soft butter and about a cup of defrosted frozen strawberries mixed together well and then I added powder sugar until it was the consistency I wanted. I was really suprised at how strong the strawberry flavor was...I have some left over and I think I'm going to add some cream cheese to it...and make a chocolate cake.

25 weeks...super classy bathroom pic ;)


  1. you're making ME hungry! haha! i was a tank with kaia - after the first trimester i was a bottomless pit. seriously, i would eat a meal almost every half hour.
    loving the belly :) i think 10 pounds is a good number for where you are at! that leaves you almost 25 lbs to gain over the next 15 weeks - time to eat more cake haha!!!!

  2. haha, it's true, I was pretty happy when I realized gaining a pound a week would only get me 15 more. I just hate those doctor appointments when the number goes waaay up in only a month. :P

  3. yeah towards the end with kaia i was gaining a couple pounds a week - i didn't even know it was possible!


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