Monday, January 23, 2012

Teeth and tucking in.

Well, it happened.  Another milestone in growing up passed. Sam lost his first tooth! Actually, we've been telling him to wiggle his tooth like crazy for the past month. He has what's called "shark teeth" where the adult teeth are coming up already (so he has two rows of teeth) and if it didn't come out soon, it would have to be pulled. Now we're just waiting for the second one to fall out! Sam wasn't sure if the tooth fairy was real or not, but since his tooth went missing and he found $2 without being woken up, he's a believer for now. :)
You can hardly tell he's missing one since the adult tooth is already there...

In other Sam news: we had one of the proudest moments of our lives the other night, haha. Annaleigh wanted to sleep with  him-it usually lasts about ten minutes before someone starts crying and they're separated-and they were lasting a lot longer than normal when Sam came downstairs and told us that he put Allie to bed for us because he didn't want us to have to come back upstairs. He tucked her in, said prayers, sang songs, and gave her kisses! It was awesome. 


  1. send him my way! sounds like he's a great kid :)
    I had a similar problem but my adult teeth came up under a handful of my baby teeth and shattered them so I had to get a million little pieces of baby teeth removed. Gross, I know. haha

  2. Yikes, yours sounds way worse! I had no clue that could even happen!!

  3. What's even more gross is that I called them my "mushy teeth" there's a nice visual for ya! Glad that is all in my past lol


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