Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simply Amazing...

In general, we love our new house on base. It's really lovely. One thing we do not love, however, is the over-sensitive kitchen fire alarm. That thing is ridiculous (and even better, all the alarms in the house are connected, so if one goes off, all 8 go off). In the beginning, every time I made toast it would go off until we finally learned that when we make toast, we have to set the toaster on the oven and turn the oven vent on high to keep the alarm from going off. It goes off probably every other pizza night even though I've never burnt the pizza.
On my birthday I blew out all 27 candles on my cake directly underneath the alarm. Not a peep. And then there was today....I've neglected my family in the baking department pretty much since pregnancy, and decided to suprise them with a fruit pizza. Hahaha. I know the stupid alarm works. I've set if off with a toast making session between my birthday and today, but for some reason actual smoke has no effect on it. Good to know.
this was a sugar cookie....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

In love.

Joel laughs at me, but I've had a plan pretty much since we've been married that when our third kid finally needs a "real" bed, one  of our kids would get our bed and we'd  get a newer, bigger, better bedroom set (something that matches and not bought at Walmart!). Haha, well now that I'm pregnant with #3 the countdown has begun. ;) I ran across this picture this morning on pinterest and I am in love! I'd do dark grey walls and not a furry blanket, but I think it's beautiful. Good thing I have a few years to start convincing the husband that he loves it too!

It even works well with this dresser that I'm equally in love with!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hurry up and wait...

First of all, good news: huge sigh of relief, there were no signs of previa in the ultrasound. That was a concern, but everything is okay there. Apparently what is going on though, is that a part of Baby's brain is measuring on the border between what is considered normal and abnormal. It's technically still in the normal range, but to be on the safe side, I'm going to be seeing a specialist and have more in- depth ultrasounds done.It's probably (hopefully!) nothing, but an enlargement in that section can be a marker for certain genetic disorders, so they are going to make sure there are no other signs/symptoms. I should have that done sometime in the next three weeks, and thankfully an actual doctor will be doing it, so I'll have answer right away.
I feel like I'm falling apart this pregnancy! I've been having a lot of trouble falling asleep at night because my heart always feels like it's racing, so had an Ekg done to check that out. I'm not sure how that turned out though. My doctor says I need to reduce stress in my life, so I'm trying to figure out ways to do that. Hahaha. I've also been having bad braxton hicks contractions lately. They're starting to get to the point where I'm supposed to go to the doctor (more than 4-6 in an hour). I know they are the worst when I do too much, but it's crazy how little "too much" actually is these days. It's frustrating because nothing gets done, but I guess that's one thing I can stop stressing about. Anyways, that's my whining for the day. :P
my adorable birthday cake ♥
I turned 27 Monday, which is crazy. Twenty-seven is starting to sound old! Saturday, Joel took me out for my birthday and we spent the day shopping. Monday, we had the family party. We planned on taking the kids bowling, but Sam had a fever so that's been postponed. I felt bad for the kids, because they've been so excited about the "party" but then Sam was sick and Annaleigh woke up from a nap super grumpy, so she cried the whole time. I had a bunch of cute ideas I wanted to do for the kids V-day, but needless to say, none of them happened.  Guess there is always next year!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nerve wracking

Ack, today has been nerve-wracking. By all accounts, it should have been a really great day: Joel's had the week off so he took care of the morning rush while I slept in, cleaned the kitchen, and bought me donuts (the best part, haha). Anyways, I mentioned a little back that I had a follow up ultrasound for a second look at my placenta because it has an extra lobe. The doctor told me that it's generally nothing at all to worry about, the most common problem being that part of your placenta can be left behind at the delivery. I did what most people would do (and probably shouldn't) and went home and googled it. I found that the vast majority of cases is exactly what the doctor said, and  very rarely (like 1 in 2,500) it's a symptom of a very serious/fatal condition to baby.  So this past month, I've not been at all concerned since I have statistics on my side. I figured my ultrasound went fine, I know the technicians aren't allowed to tell you anything...the only thing that happened was the lady did the ultrasound (it lasted about an hour) then left to talk to someone and came back to do more testing. But that could or couldn't be anything... Anyways, this morning I woke up and found out that I had three messages left yesterday to call the hospital back to discuss the results, and that's when the freakout started. They always say that they don't call unless there is a problem, so that alone obviously makes me think there might be one....I also have an appointment Tuesday morning, so I'm coming in soon. BUT my doctor is out of town, so maybe the lady who is helping look over her files was just calling to tell me everything is okay besides the fact that my placenta is shaped wrong? Who knows. I still haven't heard back, so this is mostly a nervous vent...it's already 4:30, so I'm thinking I won't get a call until sometime tomorrow.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Top Ten

It's very possible to walk into any baby store, spend five grand and leave feeling like you still have things you need. Despite what Baby's R Us tries to tell you, the thing about babies is that there actually isn't all that much that you truly need. Food in their bellies, clean clothes/diapers, a safe place to sleep, and a carseat are the only things I'd say you need.  But let's face it, the other stuff is nice and makes life easier. Here are my favorite baby things in no particular order:

1.Baby tub. I'm going to say brand doesn't matter as I've had a few. I often see baby tubs on lists of "baby stuff you don't need" but I don't get it. Wet babies are slippery!

2.  Fisher Price Aquarium Swing. Again, I'm going to say that the brand probably isn't that important (but I've only had one) but I think the bright colors and sounds kept my kiddos attention longer than some of the very neutral ones would have. Whatever the reason, I just know that both of my kids loved being in their swing.

3. Johnson's Nursing Pads. This is actually the only thing on my list I'm counting as a "need." I've tried several brands, but these are the only ones I'll buy now. Not only do they absorb well (seriously, nothing more embarrassing than milk spots on your shirt), they also don't  show through your shirt like others do.

4. Moby Wrap. Love, love, love, LOVE this thing.  The Moby is my favorite baby product of all. Annaleigh was so happy in it,  it didn't hurt my back like other carriers, and baby seems so secure in there.  It's most useful the first six months or so, but I used it for over a year with Annaleigh. Some people find it difficult to put on right, but I thought it was much simpler than the carriers with a million buckles and straps.

5. Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym. Like the swing-bright and colorful, everything is removable so it actually turns into several toys.

6. Nursing Cover. I didn't have one of these with Sam, but they work so much nicer than a blanket, especially when baby gets bigger and starts kicking and grabbing. My sister-in-law made this one (found in her store) isn't it precious!?

7. Dreft Stain Remover. I don't know if you actually need Dreft stain remover, or if the other's would be okay on baby's skin, but I buy this one anyways. Between the spitting and the pooping, babies are messy little things!

8. Boppy Pillow. Actually, this is probably ahead of the Moby. I didn't have this with Sam, but it makes such a difference when nursing. It gave a lot of support after having had a c-section.
9. Sleepbag. Mine is actually French, so I don't know the brand, but I really love it in the winter months.  This keeps them warm while still being safe.
10. Carter's Onsies. Carter's in general makes cute things, but in particular I like the way their onsies fit.

So, that's my favorite things baby list, it's kind of general, but those are the things I appreciate most. I will add that I am so happy that I had a boy first and didn't have the temptation to buy all the big stuff in pretty girly patterns. I know so many people who go all out on the girl stuff with their first, have a boy with the second, and end up buying everything all over again!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I've been trying hard to not wallow in self-pity the last two weeks, but boy has it been hard. I am just so tired of feeling lousy! I know once our sweet little guy is here I'll feel horrible for ever having complained, but that's still a whole three months away (haha). I told Joel that I feel bad for him because  I am tired of being around myself, so I know he's got it hard.
Tomorrow, I'm going in for a follow up ultrasound. Apparently, my placenta has an extra lobe on it, so I'm having it checked out. I'm looking forward to seeing the munchkin again!
Anyways...I finally learned how to use my sewing machine! Now it's just a matter of learning how to use it well. I never thought sewing in a straight line would take so much practice. For now, I'm sticking with making burp cloths since they don't take much fabric, so if I mess up too much it's not a big loss. I'm not sure how absorbent these things will be (I'm using minky and cotton) but despite the flaws, they still manage to be cute, if I say so myself. I paid $2.20 for a half yard of cotton, which will make about 4, so they're cheaper than store bought as well.

I went to Target recently-everything in there seemed to be 70% off. I love when that happens! I stock up on off season clothes for the kids and shoes when that happens. Anyways, I totally didn't need a new crib set, and wasn't planning on buying one, but I found this bumper and two sheets for $20 total so I snatched them up. I'm thinking of making a crib skirt, but that may be way out of my league.  I might try it with a cheap brown sheet at least to see if I have any chance...

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