Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Top Ten

It's very possible to walk into any baby store, spend five grand and leave feeling like you still have things you need. Despite what Baby's R Us tries to tell you, the thing about babies is that there actually isn't all that much that you truly need. Food in their bellies, clean clothes/diapers, a safe place to sleep, and a carseat are the only things I'd say you need.  But let's face it, the other stuff is nice and makes life easier. Here are my favorite baby things in no particular order:

1.Baby tub. I'm going to say brand doesn't matter as I've had a few. I often see baby tubs on lists of "baby stuff you don't need" but I don't get it. Wet babies are slippery!

2.  Fisher Price Aquarium Swing. Again, I'm going to say that the brand probably isn't that important (but I've only had one) but I think the bright colors and sounds kept my kiddos attention longer than some of the very neutral ones would have. Whatever the reason, I just know that both of my kids loved being in their swing.

3. Johnson's Nursing Pads. This is actually the only thing on my list I'm counting as a "need." I've tried several brands, but these are the only ones I'll buy now. Not only do they absorb well (seriously, nothing more embarrassing than milk spots on your shirt), they also don't  show through your shirt like others do.

4. Moby Wrap. Love, love, love, LOVE this thing.  The Moby is my favorite baby product of all. Annaleigh was so happy in it,  it didn't hurt my back like other carriers, and baby seems so secure in there.  It's most useful the first six months or so, but I used it for over a year with Annaleigh. Some people find it difficult to put on right, but I thought it was much simpler than the carriers with a million buckles and straps.

5. Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym. Like the swing-bright and colorful, everything is removable so it actually turns into several toys.

6. Nursing Cover. I didn't have one of these with Sam, but they work so much nicer than a blanket, especially when baby gets bigger and starts kicking and grabbing. My sister-in-law made this one (found in her store) isn't it precious!?

7. Dreft Stain Remover. I don't know if you actually need Dreft stain remover, or if the other's would be okay on baby's skin, but I buy this one anyways. Between the spitting and the pooping, babies are messy little things!

8. Boppy Pillow. Actually, this is probably ahead of the Moby. I didn't have this with Sam, but it makes such a difference when nursing. It gave a lot of support after having had a c-section.
9. Sleepbag. Mine is actually French, so I don't know the brand, but I really love it in the winter months.  This keeps them warm while still being safe.
10. Carter's Onsies. Carter's in general makes cute things, but in particular I like the way their onsies fit.

So, that's my favorite things baby list, it's kind of general, but those are the things I appreciate most. I will add that I am so happy that I had a boy first and didn't have the temptation to buy all the big stuff in pretty girly patterns. I know so many people who go all out on the girl stuff with their first, have a boy with the second, and end up buying everything all over again!

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  1. The moby really was great - I just didn't like looking like a terrorist if my baby wasn't in there lol (I probably should have let her cry while I put it on. I got lots of sideways looks when I wore it "just in case she got fussy" haha)


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