Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I've been trying hard to not wallow in self-pity the last two weeks, but boy has it been hard. I am just so tired of feeling lousy! I know once our sweet little guy is here I'll feel horrible for ever having complained, but that's still a whole three months away (haha). I told Joel that I feel bad for him because  I am tired of being around myself, so I know he's got it hard.
Tomorrow, I'm going in for a follow up ultrasound. Apparently, my placenta has an extra lobe on it, so I'm having it checked out. I'm looking forward to seeing the munchkin again!
Anyways...I finally learned how to use my sewing machine! Now it's just a matter of learning how to use it well. I never thought sewing in a straight line would take so much practice. For now, I'm sticking with making burp cloths since they don't take much fabric, so if I mess up too much it's not a big loss. I'm not sure how absorbent these things will be (I'm using minky and cotton) but despite the flaws, they still manage to be cute, if I say so myself. I paid $2.20 for a half yard of cotton, which will make about 4, so they're cheaper than store bought as well.

I went to Target recently-everything in there seemed to be 70% off. I love when that happens! I stock up on off season clothes for the kids and shoes when that happens. Anyways, I totally didn't need a new crib set, and wasn't planning on buying one, but I found this bumper and two sheets for $20 total so I snatched them up. I'm thinking of making a crib skirt, but that may be way out of my league.  I might try it with a cheap brown sheet at least to see if I have any chance...

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  1. those burp cloths are super cute! I really like the polka dot one. Time can seem like slow motion wen you feel horrible - I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes quickly for you!


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