Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hurry up and wait...

First of all, good news: huge sigh of relief, there were no signs of previa in the ultrasound. That was a concern, but everything is okay there. Apparently what is going on though, is that a part of Baby's brain is measuring on the border between what is considered normal and abnormal. It's technically still in the normal range, but to be on the safe side, I'm going to be seeing a specialist and have more in- depth ultrasounds done.It's probably (hopefully!) nothing, but an enlargement in that section can be a marker for certain genetic disorders, so they are going to make sure there are no other signs/symptoms. I should have that done sometime in the next three weeks, and thankfully an actual doctor will be doing it, so I'll have answer right away.
I feel like I'm falling apart this pregnancy! I've been having a lot of trouble falling asleep at night because my heart always feels like it's racing, so had an Ekg done to check that out. I'm not sure how that turned out though. My doctor says I need to reduce stress in my life, so I'm trying to figure out ways to do that. Hahaha. I've also been having bad braxton hicks contractions lately. They're starting to get to the point where I'm supposed to go to the doctor (more than 4-6 in an hour). I know they are the worst when I do too much, but it's crazy how little "too much" actually is these days. It's frustrating because nothing gets done, but I guess that's one thing I can stop stressing about. Anyways, that's my whining for the day. :P
my adorable birthday cake ♥
I turned 27 Monday, which is crazy. Twenty-seven is starting to sound old! Saturday, Joel took me out for my birthday and we spent the day shopping. Monday, we had the family party. We planned on taking the kids bowling, but Sam had a fever so that's been postponed. I felt bad for the kids, because they've been so excited about the "party" but then Sam was sick and Annaleigh woke up from a nap super grumpy, so she cried the whole time. I had a bunch of cute ideas I wanted to do for the kids V-day, but needless to say, none of them happened.  Guess there is always next year!


  1. yay for good news!! wish there wasn't something else for you to worry about though! :( the countdown begins! you are almost there!

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  3. Thanks!! I'm actually feeling pretty calm right now about it, but that's probably only because I don't have a clue what to worry about. :P Yes, 11 weeks! That doesn't sound too bad!


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