Thursday, February 16, 2012

In love.

Joel laughs at me, but I've had a plan pretty much since we've been married that when our third kid finally needs a "real" bed, one  of our kids would get our bed and we'd  get a newer, bigger, better bedroom set (something that matches and not bought at Walmart!). Haha, well now that I'm pregnant with #3 the countdown has begun. ;) I ran across this picture this morning on pinterest and I am in love! I'd do dark grey walls and not a furry blanket, but I think it's beautiful. Good thing I have a few years to start convincing the husband that he loves it too!

It even works well with this dresser that I'm equally in love with!


  1. oh that is so pretty! the bedroom looks so relaxing and clean! we are counting down until we get our tax return to buy a bigger bed! Our plan was to upgrade quality too (I used to want a tempurpedic) but now I can't bring myself to spend the money haha ikea here we come :P

  2. Haha, Christine, in your case it sounds like size is more important anyways! Joel even said he likes it (besides the kids/dog & white factor), now I just have to be patient. :)


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