Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nerve wracking

Ack, today has been nerve-wracking. By all accounts, it should have been a really great day: Joel's had the week off so he took care of the morning rush while I slept in, cleaned the kitchen, and bought me donuts (the best part, haha). Anyways, I mentioned a little back that I had a follow up ultrasound for a second look at my placenta because it has an extra lobe. The doctor told me that it's generally nothing at all to worry about, the most common problem being that part of your placenta can be left behind at the delivery. I did what most people would do (and probably shouldn't) and went home and googled it. I found that the vast majority of cases is exactly what the doctor said, and  very rarely (like 1 in 2,500) it's a symptom of a very serious/fatal condition to baby.  So this past month, I've not been at all concerned since I have statistics on my side. I figured my ultrasound went fine, I know the technicians aren't allowed to tell you anything...the only thing that happened was the lady did the ultrasound (it lasted about an hour) then left to talk to someone and came back to do more testing. But that could or couldn't be anything... Anyways, this morning I woke up and found out that I had three messages left yesterday to call the hospital back to discuss the results, and that's when the freakout started. They always say that they don't call unless there is a problem, so that alone obviously makes me think there might be one....I also have an appointment Tuesday morning, so I'm coming in soon. BUT my doctor is out of town, so maybe the lady who is helping look over her files was just calling to tell me everything is okay besides the fact that my placenta is shaped wrong? Who knows. I still haven't heard back, so this is mostly a nervous's already 4:30, so I'm thinking I won't get a call until sometime tomorrow.


  1. praying for you and your precious baby! I had a scare with ava's heart while pregnant so know how upsetting this type of situation can be!

  2. I remember the thing with Ava's heart. :( I'm still guessing that it's nothing to worry about, but it's hard not to!

  3. I think worrying is what us mothers do best!
    Maybe they have some sort of deal where they are required to call a certain amount of times if they can't get ahold of you to go over results. Hope you can sleep well tonight and call them back first thing in the morning!


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