Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simply Amazing...

In general, we love our new house on base. It's really lovely. One thing we do not love, however, is the over-sensitive kitchen fire alarm. That thing is ridiculous (and even better, all the alarms in the house are connected, so if one goes off, all 8 go off). In the beginning, every time I made toast it would go off until we finally learned that when we make toast, we have to set the toaster on the oven and turn the oven vent on high to keep the alarm from going off. It goes off probably every other pizza night even though I've never burnt the pizza.
On my birthday I blew out all 27 candles on my cake directly underneath the alarm. Not a peep. And then there was today....I've neglected my family in the baking department pretty much since pregnancy, and decided to suprise them with a fruit pizza. Hahaha. I know the stupid alarm works. I've set if off with a toast making session between my birthday and today, but for some reason actual smoke has no effect on it. Good to know.
this was a sugar cookie....

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