Thursday, March 29, 2012


My mother-in-law decided last week that she's going to fly here for Baby's birth! I'm excited, and so are the kids.  We have less than four weeks before the due date, which is kinda crazy! I'm thinking it's about time to set up a crib and buy some diapers. It's funny how different that is with the third. With Sam and Allie I had the crib set up months in advance and bought diapers every time I went out. Mostly we're ready though...crib, diapers, and install the carseat is the only baby stuff I have left to do.
I finally finished my first nursing cover! There actually wasn't a whole lot to it, and in the end it was only about $6 to make. (I followed this tutorial: I'd like to make another, but that will probably be a while from now.
I stopped helping out with the Gap program at our church this month. I really liked working with the women, and for the most part all the craft classes I led were successful, but it was just a lot to be doing right now, so hopefully in the fall I'll be able to go back to that.

Annaleigh got her first real haircut (or at least her first straight haircut, haha). She did so good, and she loves it. :) The kids had a dentist checkup, Sam was a little pro and Allie did all-right, she wasn't too happy about it and the little spit vacuum freaked her out. The funny thing is she keeps asking to go back to the dentist and saying things like, "I love the dentist." Haha!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We have an official day that Baby will be joining our family! April 24th it is. Of course, the little guy could always come early, but miserable as I am these days, I think it would rather have everything planned out since we have both Sam and Allie to think of. I guess we'll see. One thing I am so very thankful for this time around is that we have family nearby to help us out. Last pregnancy we really didn't know anybody so it was  stressful not knowing exactly what we'd do if I went into labor before Joel's parents got here.
I was really freaked out about having a third c-section (side note: I learned that my husband does not appreciate me casually mentioning my fears of dying on the operating table...apparently the thought of losing a wife and raising three kids alone is not very comforting, haha. I'm pretty over that fear now though) but at this point, I'm kinda just like "it is what it is, let's get this over with". Besides the pain and recovery, there is something totally creepy about having surgery while you're awake, and as dumb as this sounds, I'm kinda terrified of getting the epidural again. It probably doesn't help that last time around I had an intern do it who honestly sounded like she'd never done one before.
Anyways, it's kinda crazy when I think that all three of my babies will have been born by cesarean. Definitely not the way I would have planned things, but I don't feel as if I've been robbed of the "birthing experience" as a lot of women say they do. I did get to do water breaking and several hours of labor with Sam, which in a way I'm glad about, but I can't say I'm upset that I've never pushed a baby out. I do get a little bit annoyed by the tsk tsking of women who talk about how horrible it is to have them unnecessarily but in the end it was my choice to listen to my doctors, so I can't really complain about that.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Last Lap

Good new first: everything came back normal with Baby. We're thrilled of course! Seeing the little guy one last time before the big day was fun. We're still working on a middle name, but Baby finally has a name picked out. It's kinda funny, one day I was looking through a baby name book for middle names and I mentioned one to Joel, and it ended up being the name we're going with. We're waiting until he makes it here to announce it so there is something that is still a suprise.

My brother-in-law's finace has been living with us the past month and a half, and the wedding is tomorrow. I'm taking care of half the food for the reception, then hubby's aunt and three cousins will be staying with us for four nights, and then finally things will be normal in our house again! So looking forward to it. Hopefully once things quiet down I'll be able to get some of my projects done. If they're not done soon, they won't be done at all!
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