Thursday, March 29, 2012


My mother-in-law decided last week that she's going to fly here for Baby's birth! I'm excited, and so are the kids.  We have less than four weeks before the due date, which is kinda crazy! I'm thinking it's about time to set up a crib and buy some diapers. It's funny how different that is with the third. With Sam and Allie I had the crib set up months in advance and bought diapers every time I went out. Mostly we're ready though...crib, diapers, and install the carseat is the only baby stuff I have left to do.
I finally finished my first nursing cover! There actually wasn't a whole lot to it, and in the end it was only about $6 to make. (I followed this tutorial: I'd like to make another, but that will probably be a while from now.
I stopped helping out with the Gap program at our church this month. I really liked working with the women, and for the most part all the craft classes I led were successful, but it was just a lot to be doing right now, so hopefully in the fall I'll be able to go back to that.

Annaleigh got her first real haircut (or at least her first straight haircut, haha). She did so good, and she loves it. :) The kids had a dentist checkup, Sam was a little pro and Allie did all-right, she wasn't too happy about it and the little spit vacuum freaked her out. The funny thing is she keeps asking to go back to the dentist and saying things like, "I love the dentist." Haha!

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  1. I love Annaleigh's haircut! It's super cute! Excited to hear that Jenny is coming.


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