Saturday, March 3, 2012

Last Lap

Good new first: everything came back normal with Baby. We're thrilled of course! Seeing the little guy one last time before the big day was fun. We're still working on a middle name, but Baby finally has a name picked out. It's kinda funny, one day I was looking through a baby name book for middle names and I mentioned one to Joel, and it ended up being the name we're going with. We're waiting until he makes it here to announce it so there is something that is still a suprise.

My brother-in-law's finace has been living with us the past month and a half, and the wedding is tomorrow. I'm taking care of half the food for the reception, then hubby's aunt and three cousins will be staying with us for four nights, and then finally things will be normal in our house again! So looking forward to it. Hopefully once things quiet down I'll be able to get some of my projects done. If they're not done soon, they won't be done at all!

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  1. So glad everything came back ok! Hope that helps the stress levels :) he is already adorable!!! Not too much longer (which im sure feels like forever) until you can kiss those sweet cheeks :)


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