Wednesday, May 16, 2012

dollhouses and doctors

I've been wanting to get Annaleigh a dollhouse for her birthday this year. Only thing is, they are actually on the expensive side! Even though her birthday isn't for another two months, I've been watching craigslist knowing that one would eventually show up, and I was right. We got her an amazing dollhouse complete with furniture and dolls for $80 which is what a house alone costs in the store. It's completely handmade and gorgeous. It also happens to be kinda enormous so hopefully that isn't too much of a problem! The house itself is plain wood, and I plan on painting the rooms different colors-it should be fun!
 a tiny bit of the furniture. it has four armoires, six dressers, and a bunch of other things

Yesterday ended up being a little stressful. Owen has been making these strange jerking movements in his arm and leg for the past two weeks so yesterday morning we were referred to a neurologist to make sure he wasn't having seizures. Owen hasn't made it into Tricare's system yet (we're waiting on his birth certificate) and since we weren't using a hospital on base we had to pay $1442 for the exam. We will eventually get paid back that money (I have no cluse what would have happened if we couldn't have afforded the visit??) But  THAT is the reason that people who whine and complain about military healthcare generally get no sympathy for is so incredibly expensive! Anyways, they feel pretty sure it isn't seizures. If it's still going on in a month he'll go back for more testing, but for now it's good news.


  1. I'm sure that has been very stressful! My friends son has seizures (he had a stroke in the womb which i guess causes the seizures?) I can't imagine that kind of worry!
    you need a birth certificate for tricare? we never got a birth certificate for ava lol opps
    I'll be praying for owen, hope it all goes away!

  2. oh and he should be automatically covered by tricare for the first 30 days!


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